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How to avoid your car or van breaking down

No one wants to be stuck in the cold, waiting for someone to come and repair or recover your vehicle. That’s why we’re sharing with you the most common causes of breakdowns, and how you can avoid them…

Flat or faulty battery
Batteries are one of the most common breakdown problems. Flat battery, failing to recharge properly, or just past its best before date. We’ve discussed these issues and how to avoid them in our blog post all about car batteries.

Alternator problems
Battery problems, dim headlights when the engine is idling, and a rapid rise in engine temperature could indicate alternator/generator faults, or a broken belt. If you suspect this stop driving straight away, and get your vehicle looked at immediately.

Starter motor
Although a usually robust component, without regular maintenance they can fail. Make sure you stick the the recommended service schedule for your vehicle and your mileage in order to highlight any potential faults ahead of time.

Spark plugs
An important part of the ignition system, make sure that the spark plugs are replaced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended service intervals.

High-tension (HT) leads
Water and dirt getting into cracks in the insulation can cause these leads, and their connections to deteriorate, reducing ignition voltage. Sometimes people use damp repellent sprays as a temporary solution, although you will need your local garage to check these leads and replace them when necessary.

Clutch cables
These cables are under high stress, and abrasion can weaken and break the wire strands. Although temporary repairs can usually be made on the roadside, although a service will replace these ar the first sign of wear.

When it comes to looking after your vehicle prevention is better than cure. If you suspect something is wrong with your vehicle, or you want to book yourself in for a preventative winter service just give us a call on 01243 870600.

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