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Car batteries and how to keep yours working

Batteries are a frequent cause of breakdowns, especially in the winter when temperatures drop. The cold will impact batteries power output and ability to recharge. As if that’s not enough the lights, wipers and heating you need for the weather conditions all increase the load on your battery.

As the weather gets increasingly unpleasant you’ll probably find yourself doing more short drives, along with everyone else. These stop-start short trips don’t give batteries a chance to recharge - causing a loss of voltage, and making them more likely to give up on you.

How to keep your battery running: 

  • Before you leave your vehicle check that all your electricals are turned off.

  • If you only make short journeys a fortnightly overnight charge will prolong battery life, or you can invest in an ‘intelligent charger’ which you can leave connected to the battery without fear of overcharging.

  • If your battery is over 5 years old, or you’ve spotted signs that it’s already struggling get it replaced. It’s much better your battery is changed on your terms than when you’re in a rush and your car or van just won’t start.

  • Get your battery checked by the professionals. If you book yourself in for a pre-winter service we’ll check that the terminals are cleaned and protected from corrosion, that that all the clamps and connections are secure.

Taking care of your car battery will help you avoid breakdowns. If you think yours is on its last legs, or you just want it checked please don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit our Bognor Regis garage. 

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