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Winter car care do's and don'ts

Winter weather can create all sorts of problems for you car, exacerbating existing issues, and creating a whole plethora of new ones. With Christmas fast approaching we know that you’re busy. That’s why we’ve put together our helpful overview of the do’s and don’ts of car maintenance for this season.

  • Don’t pour hot or boiling water on your windscreen in order to remove any ice that has settled overnight. The resulting temperature change can cause your windscreen to crack.
  • Don’t drive with ice partially or completely obscuring the front and rear windscreen or side windows in hopes that it will clear in its own.
  • Don’t use your wipers to remove ice or snow from the windscreen.
  • Don’t force your key into a frozen lock. Metal can break surprisingly easily in cold weather, and could end up breaking inside the door lock, requiring costly repairs.
  • Don’t neglect your vehicle. Even if it’s cold outside and it’s the last thing you feel like doing make sure you regularly carry out the necessary vehicle checks. Read our blog on these here).


  • Do keep a full-strength de-icer and proper ice scraper in your car, allowing you remove any ice from your windscreen, windows and wing-mirrors with ease.
  • Do start your engine and turn your heater on in order to heat your car up a little and help with the defrosting process.
  • Do check your wiper blades to ensure they aren’t worn or distorted and can successfully clear your windscreen.
  • Do keep a survival kit in your car should a breakdown occur (read Bognor Tyres blog on the necessary items here)
  • Do take care of your car battery, this is one of the biggest causes of breakdowns in the winter. You can read our guide on this here.

We’re here when you need us.

Although these tips will get you some way to getting through the winter season nothing will benefit your vehicle quite like a winter service. Getting your car looked at by expert mechanics will ensure everything is functioning as it should, helping you to avoid any mishaps that might ruin your Christmas. To book your vehicle in with us just give us a call.

If you should have any vehicle emergencies over the Christmas period our Bognor Regis Garage has normal opening hours on all days except the 25th and 28th December, and 1st January. 

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