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Motorhome Maintenance tips

Motorhome maintenance advice and safety checks you can carry out at home. Helping you ensure your motorhome or campervan will help you stay safe on the road.  

Check under the bonnet of your motorhome:
As with car maintenance, motorhomes and campervans require the same checks when it comes to fluid levels.

Oil level: Make sure your motorhome is parked on even ground, and that you use the right type of oil to top it up if needed. If your motorhome has been in storage over the winter, and you’re headed off on a long journey you may wish to drain and change the engine oil completely. Not confident in doing this? Give our Bognor Regis garage a call.

Engine coolant level: Coolant should be checked before you head off, and regularly throughout a long journey. The coolant is essential in protecting the engine from corrosion, aeration and any other issues which may cause a motorhome breakdown.

Wiper fluid level: This may seem unnecessary for summer months but there’s nothing worse than getting bugs stuck on the windscreen and not being able to remove them. Whilst you’re checking the wiper fluid levels check whether your motorhome’s windscreen wipers need replacing.

Motorhome maintenance essential for safety:

Tyre pressure and tread depth: Motorhome tyres are essential for maintaining your safety on the roads. Bognor Tyres has a great article all about maintaining campervan and motorhome tyres, read it here. 

Motorhome Lights: Although most motorhome usage occurs in the summer when visibility is good and daylight hours are long, having fully working lights is essential. Have someone help you check the lights on your motorhome including brake lights, indicators and headlights. If you’re going on a long journey you can even go as far as to carry spare bulbs for your motorhome lights.

General motorhome inspection

Leaks and damaged seals: identify any broken cracks or seals on the exterior of your motorhome that may need replacing. To be extra certain you can soak the motorhome with a garden hose, and have someone check from the inside whether any areas are leaking.

Internal motorhome checks: Look for any areas of damp within your motorhome (we touched on this in our previous blog). Also, take time to test your appliances and check that any LPG appliances are in safe working order.

We’re here when you need us…
We’re always happy to offer our motorhome maintenance advice to help you stay safe on the road. Before you head off we highly recommend having your motorhome serviced, just to ensure there are no lingering issues which might throw a spanner in the works for your holiday. Whether you want to book a motorhome service, or just need a hand with something else don’t hesitate to give our Bognor Regis garage a call on 01243 870600, or send us an email.

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