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Keeping your campervan happy (the importance of servicing your motorhome)

With February half term well and truly underway and the Easter holiday not too far off you might be dreaming of your next motorhome adventure. Whether you’re planning on cruising around Sussex, exploring the rest of England or even taking a trip across the pond you’ll need to be sure your campervan is in top shape. After all, nothing will ruin a holiday quite like a breakdown!

This blog will share our advice for keeping your campervan happy, covering the importance of servicing, and some helpful tips for maintenance you can do yourself:

Why your campervan needs a spring service
Just like a car your motorhome needs to keep you and your other passengers safe, and therefore requires regular servicing. After spending the winter in storage having your motorhome serviced will help pick up on any issues of concern such as parts which have become worn and need repairing or replacing. Additionally, if you’re looking to save a few pounds staying on top of servicing can help you avoid costly disasters and increase the fuel economy of your motorhome.

What’s included as part of a motorhome service?

  • Check of fluid levels

  • Oil change (if necessary)

  • Replacement of oil filter and/or air filter (when needed)

  • Checking of engine and brakes

  • Review of the tyre conditions

  • Checking of emissions

  • Check of washers and wiper blades

  • Full safety inspection

Tips for caring for your motorhome: 
Aside from getting your campervan serviced at the start of the touring season there are also steps you can take to keep your campervan at its best.

  1. Spring clean your campervan. Get rid of any rubbish or unnecessary weight which will weigh you down and will decrease fuel efficiency. Take the opportunity to give your motorhome a thorough clean inside and out, removing any dirt and grime that could cause damage and deterioration.

  1. Pick a nice sunny day to air out your motorhome. If your vehicle has been in storage over the winter you may notice a musty scent, spot watermarks and even mould. Often pleasant weather and some time to dry out is all your motorhome needs. However, should you have slightly more severe damp problems comfort insurance (who specialise in motorhome campervan and caravan insurace) have some great advice.

Make sure you’re up to date…
Due to them not being the primary mode of transport sometimes simple things like MOT’s can slip through the net. Although our regular customers will receive an MOT reminder from us if you’ve yet to have an MOT with us make sure you double check before you head off.

If you want your campervan or motorhome serviced before your first outing of the season it’s worth booking in early. Just give our Bognor Regis garage a call and we’ll find a time to suit you.

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