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How to improve your car’s fuel economy

Owning a car can be costly, but you don’t want to scrimp on taking care of the elements that help you stay safe on the road. Yearly MOT tests, regular servicing and repairing unexpected problems are all a necessity. However, there are actions you can take to save money by improving your vehicle's fuel economy.

Adapt the way you drive

Slow and steady
Getting from A to B as quickly as possible can be tempting, but if you’re on the motorway dropping your speed from 70mph to 60mph can give you significant savings on your mpg.  Additionally, if you avoid accelerating or braking too harshly you’ll also save on fuel (and help your brakes last longer!).

Switch off when you can
In the winter it’s tempting to leave your engine running and your heating on if you’re sat waiting in the car. Whenever possible try to switch off your engine, making a small change such as turning your car off when you’re stuck at a level crossing will not only make a difference to your fuel economy, it will help you become a little bit more environmentally friendly too.

Maintain your vehicle

Take care of your tyres
Well cared for tyres won’t only greatly improve fuel economy but also make a great deal of difference to your safety. Make sure you carry out regular tyre checks (link to Bognor tyres blog), and don’t forget to check your tyre pressure (and adjust it to your vehicle load). Additionally, wheel alignment can also greatly impact fuel efficiency, which is why our Bognor Regis garage offers free wheel alignment checks. 

Keep clean
Next time you get your oil changed get your air filter looked at too. Replacing a dirty air filter can significantly improve fuel costs. As well as having your mechanic check out the cleanliness of your engine try cleaning out the inside of your car - the less weight (and rubbish) you have in your vehicle the better your fuel economy will be.

Follow manufacturers guidelines
The creators of your car know your vehicle better than anyone. The recommended maintenance time isn’t there to cost you unnecessary money, it’s there to keep your vehicle performing at its best (which includes being more fuel efficient). Your owner's manual will also tell you the correct motor oil, and the recommended octane level petrol if applicable - only ever purchase what is recommended. Premium grade petrol is both more costly, and won’t make any difference to vehicles designed to run on regular grade fuel.

If you’d like to improve the fuel efficiency of your car and require any of the services discussed in this blog give us a call. Our Bognor Regis garage is open Monday-Saturday and our friendly mechanics are on hand to help you with your vehicle.

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