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How to improve visibility for road safety

When it comes to road safety visibility is one of the most vital components. Failure to see the road, or other road users clearly can put lives in danger. To help avoid any accidents we’ve put together our guide to help you improve your visibility when driving.

Make sure your view is not obscured
It’s essential that you don’t leave anything in the rear window, or on your dashboard which could obscure your vision. We know this can be a challenge if you’ve got a full packed car, but the safety of your family could be at stake so it’s worth paying special attention to.

Adjust your mirrors (and use them correctly!)
If you share your car with other drivers make sure you adjust the mirrors on the vehicle each time you drive. We know this is an inconvenience but it will only take a few minutes, and could essentially be the difference between life and death. As well as ensuring your mirrors are correctly positioned also remember to use them correctly - just as a reminder that is every time you change speed or direction.

Ensure your windscreens (and windows) are kept clean
All car windows need to be kept clean if you are to ensure optimum road safety. As well as ensuring your car has an ample supply of windscreen washing fluid available, consider keeping window cleaning wipes in your car to tackle any unpredicted dirt on the rest of your windows.

Identify when windscreen wipers need replacing
The tell-tale sign that your windscreen wipers aren’t doing their job is a windscreen that won’t fully clear. Streaks or lines of water being left on the windscreen is often caused by aged or hardened wiper blades. Other symptoms of this include juddery movements and screeching noises as the blade moves across the windscreen. If certain areas of the windscreen are left unwashed (particularly when travelling at high speeds), it may be a sign or decreased wiper pressure and the wiper arm needs replacing. If you’re not 100% sure why your windscreen isn’t clearing properly feel free to bring your vehicle to our Bognor Regis garage and we’ll make sure no parts are replaced unnecessarily.

Make sure your car works for you
Although you may not have the luxury of replacing your car now, when the time comes put visibility high in your list of buying criteria. Make sure you test drive the vehicle first, and ensure that it’s got good all-round visibility both for you, and anyone else who will be driving the vehicle on a regular basis.

Opt for additional safety features
This goes hand in hand with buying a new car that has good visibility. Many modern cars come with parking cameras and parking sensors as a standard or available option (particularly if you own a car with higher ride height). Both parking cameras and sensors help prevent rear collisions, whether sounding as the vehicle approaches a hazard, or allowing the driver to see what is behind them. If you’d like these features without having to fork out for an entirely new vehicle you may be able to get these installed on your current car or van.

Your safety is important to us
If you need your windscreen wipers replaced, or want some guidance on how to improve car visibility just give us a call. However large or small the problem A&D Autos are happy to help.

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