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Hints and tips for vehicle maintenance

When it comes to looking after your car or van prevention is definitely better than cure. For most people their vehicle is their livelihood, and if something goes wrong life comes to a standstill. To help you out we’re sharing with you some preventative measures you can take to ensure your car or van stays at its best.

Weekly Vehicle checks:

  1. Oil level, make your vehicle is parked on even ground, and that you use the right type of oil to top it up if needed.

  1. Coolant level, if you’re already got the bonnet open for the oil, you may as well check the coolant too.

  1. Tyre pressures and tread depth. Although this might seem like a chore if you value your safety you’ll make time for this one. Without well maintained tyres they won’t grip the road correctly.

  1. Lights. Brake lights, indicators, headlights. Although these can be a pain to check without someone’s help you need them to be seen. Make sure all your bulbs are working, especially as we move into winter and the days get shorter.

Weather dependent vehicle checks:

  1. Screen wash and wiper blades
    If it’s nice weather you can get away with checking your screen wash weekly. However, we do live in Britain, which means it’s probably raining quite a lot. In this case, up the checks to a couple of times a week. If you’ve got enough screen wash, but your wipers are still doing that ‘nails down a chalkboard’ noise, or just don’t seem to be as effective you might need new ones.

  1. Antifreeze
    Although this is important all year round no one wants a frozen engine. Make sure you check your vehicle handbook for details on the right type for your car or van (or visit us and we’ll check for you).

These tips are here to help you stay on top of your vehicle maintenance. Of course if you come across something you can’t handle, or just want some impartial advice give us a call. However big or small the problem we’re here when you need us… 

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