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Everything you need to know about engine oil

What does your engine oil do?

Lubricates: Your engine is made up of a number of important moving components. Your engine oil is a lubricant, working to reduce friction and wear and keeps your engine running smoothly.

Prevents engine overheating: Your engine oil helps with the heat dispersion within your engine, by absorbing the heat produced during combustion.

Inhibits rust: Engine oil prevents rusting corrosion and damage to essential engine components. It does this by acting as a detergent, neutralising the acids produced.   

Acts as a sealant: Engine oil prevents combustion and engine power from escaping, by sealing the space between the piston ring and the cylinder liner.

How to take care of your engine oil

Check your engine oil
Your engine oil should be checked regularly, ideally once a month or before a long journey. Failing to keep your oil at the right level will increase engine wear and eventually cause problems. If you’re not sure how to check your oil level our friendly mechanics are happy to give you a hand, alternatively, you can take a look at this guide on how to check your vehicles oil level.

Select the right type of engine oil
When topping up your engine oil make sure you use the correct grade specified by the vehicle manufacturer (this information can be found in your vehicle handbook).

Here at A&D Autos we’re here when you need us...
If you’re worried that your engine oil is being used up too quickly, leaking, or you just need an oil change give us a call. Our staff will help you diagnose any engine oil issues, and we only ever use high grade oil to keep your vehicle at its best.

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