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Don’t ignore the warning signs…

When you get into your car or van chances are you’re headed somewhere, and usually in a hurry. It’s no wonder when you pick up on little warning signs or issues they end up on the ‘I’ll deal with that later’ list…

Yes, sometimes your car is just having an off day, maybe it’s weather related or you just haven’t used it in a while. However, if you keep thinking that that small rattling sound or dull vibration will soon disappear you could well be headed for disaster.

To help you take action when it’s needed we’re sharing some of the warnings signs that may indicate bigger problems with your vehicle.

Beware of odd noises- A small ratte or sound could indicate a number of things, a problem with a bearing, tyre alignment or even the exhaust. Whereas grinding or screeching noises might indicate something is awry with your brakes. Your local mechanic should be able to diagnose this issue and let you know whether it’s an urgently needed repair.

Check the dashboard - Many newer car models (Land Rovers are notorious for this) have dashboard warning lights, and even messages that tell you when your car needs attention. You can always find the information on these in your vehicle handbook, and some of these problems can be easily dealt with yourself (such as a low oil level).

Look out for leaks -  If you notice any leaks underneath where you usually park your car take your car to a mechanic asap (especially if these symptoms are recurring). If the liquid is bright green your coolant might be leaking, a dark red/brown puddle however could be transmission oil, engine oil or brake fluid.

Don’t ignore smoke -  Smoke from under the bonnet should set off alarm bells with you. If your engine starts smoking make sure you take particular notice of the temperature gauge, and pull over if you see the engine temperature rising. Excessive smoke from the exhaust might be an indication that you have an oil leak. You may not notice this smoke when you’re driving, but other indications could be a burning smell or black residue around the exhaust area. A smoking vehicle is never a good sign, so make sure you get it looked at.

Take care of your vehicle and it will take care of you.

If you spot any of these symptoms we’re here when you need us. If you stick to the recommended service schedule you’ll usually avoid any unexpected disasters when it comes to your car. However, if something does come up our helpful mechanics will advise you on whether you need an urgent repair, or whether it can wait until your next service.  

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